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1  Select Your Domain or up to 3 Domains for 1 Escrow fee          

2  Contact us with your best offer for a monthly payment plan via or outright purchase.

3 Be ready to complete the transaction within a short time.  

We cannot reserve any domains and is a first come first served basis unless you have previously communicated with us and we are entering Escrow.

Once you communicate to us the domain name(s) you wish to obtain and we agree, We will verify the transaction amount via

We will confirm this with you and initiate Escrow.

It’s a easy transaction to complete and You will be Rolling in the CannaBiz in no time.  


Are You Ready for The CannaBiz?


                                  Ready.       Set.         Go!                                  


If You are selecting a 2nd and/or 3rd domain for one low domain name holding service fee, below is the breakdown for you.

The Escrow Domain Name Holding Fee of $25 per month is for “Up To 3 Domains”.  That equals only $8.33 per domain per month with No Pre Payment Penalties, so you can Own The Domains Outright at anytime.  Just Monetize Your Sites, Write quality content, Start Your email Marketing and Grow Your Fan Base.




Domain Quality, Branding and Traffic Driving Domain Tips

Most large companies use top brand-able domains combined with

direct keyword search domains to get the best and most effective traffic.  

In the Cannabis industry, until you have effectively put your brand name

and posts out there to drive traffic to you, direct keyword search phrase domains

could be working behind the scenes to drive traffic to you.  

Example:  has a super effective ebook

and monster email training series to drive traffic to them.

They sell high quality seeds.  The title of their book series is:

“When To Harvest YOUR Marijuana Plants” 

I use my very own: and to drive traffic to the series,

behind the scenes using their content materials to take the controls of their machine. 

Sell Seeds and earn high commissions.  

Their email series is awesome and a valuable training series.  

Type in Traffic is crucial, valuable, and working behind the scenes in

conjunction with brands and catchy domains.  Why am I sharing these secrets:

Welcome to the CannaBlissDomains education platform.

This is what we do.  We want you to be successful.  

Get a Brand-able Domain and a generic search phrase to drive your traffic to

is always a tremendous and valuable domain tactic.

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