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Every business needs an online home. Providing your customers with an address that is easy to remember, that looks good on business cards and advertisements, and that reflects the quality of your product/service is the single most important aspect of building a presence for your company on the internet.

Why Buy a Premium Domain?

CannaBliss Domains launches

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All Premium Domains Include Our Exclusive Affiliate Platform

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What are you waiting for? 

Find your favorite domain or domain package and launch your Cannabiz while the industry is in its’ infancy.  

Be on the ground floor today with no regrets about the opportunity you passed up in the Cannabis industry.

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Are You Afraid of the Stigma associated with Cannabis?

The pharmaceutical companies certainly ARE NOT!

In fact, the race is on with pending patents, technological developments,and medical research from terpenes to genomics.

We offer the best payment options in the industry!

Buy Outright or Select up to 3 premium domains for one low monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment and launch your CannabBiz while you are making the low payments.  Monetize Your business and make it happen in the industry.

Pay off the remainder anytime with no pre-payment penalties.

This is by far the best online opportunity in the Cannabis industry ever and there are only a limited number of available spots to claim available.

Included in Our Free Affiliate Club is the

Cannabis Affiliate and Wholesale Industry Guide

which is constantly updating you on new

companies entering the market with affiliate openings,

product launches,

  and wholesale products

that you can work with or blog about to drive more business

to your site to continually earn revenue


The Cannabis industry is constantly evolving with new products and services and the key is to build your online identity to take advantage of these opportunities and connect with the companies.

In order to do this, you must have a viable brand name, identity, or keyword  phrase domain name relevant to the industry.

This is your starting point into the business.

Once Your site is developed, You can be your own boss, work your own hours, have unlimited profit potential, and use your personal writing skills.

The typical goal of a profitable website is to sell affiliate products through your ability to generate content and traffic. This way, you have a very low start-up cost. To get started, all you need is the right domain name, website hosting, and time.

Our exclusive Affiliate Club Membership is included for free.

You build the site, add content, place the products to promote that are relevant to the website’s content, and generate traffic with quality content. Then, when a customer comes to your site and purchases the affiliate product you promote, you get a commission.

A profitable affiliated based website is basically a lead generator that sends potential buyers to an online store to make their purchase.

With a profitable affiliate based website, you never have to handle stock, ship products, or deal with customer support, but you get a cut of the profit on the sales you help to trigger. You are like a salesperson getting a commission without doing any of the labor involved in making or delivering the products.

We have developed a dynamic platform for you to obtain amazing Premium Cannabis Domain Names paired with Dynamic Training that cuts to the chase.

No more time wasting.  Get results. 

Also included is a complete video series with WordPress instruction so

you can start from the ground floor and become a professional affiliate marketer.

These videos are perfect training for the beginner to the professional.

With Our Affiliate Club, you receive a special login code

which is your one stop for all training videos, Affiliate guides,

product updates, breaking Cannabis Industry news,

free plugins for each website type for instant website transformation!

Get Your site up and running fast

and be on the fast track inside the Cannabis Industry.

Select your Premium Cannabis Domain Name or Names.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

You can Build Your Own

eCommerce website, Blog, or Brand

We offer the Lowest Monthly Payments anywhere in the industry.

In fact, You won’t find a program like this anywhere in the Cannabis industry!

Start Developing Your Future Now!

With a industry in rapid growth, there are investors asking $50,000 and up for 5 letter .com domain names and names with highly brand-able words, industry specific.

Unless You have a deep wallet, most of these are out of reach.  In fact I urge you to check out these investors to prove the market value to you.

Ganjapreneur (scroll to domains in bar) 

While there are other suppliers of domains, the entire process of submit your offer and wait for your the counter offer can take forever.  And the counters are always higher and 2 months later you may have negotiated a deal.

If you want to get into business and get rolling with the experts whom will hand feed you the best and proven ways to get launched into this industry and business with a easy payment plan while developing You site, here We are.

You need to Go to Our Plan Page and do a couple of things:  

First find the domain niche you would like to conquer!

Many of our premium domains included multiple domains.  For example: the plural AND

and also,

Since there is no pre payment penalty, ever,

once your site is monetized,

start paying off your domain quicker

and own it outright early.

In fact, monetize your site and Build your Online Empire

or Sell Your Business!

You can always start over and do it again. 

BUT WAIT, How Do I know which Domain is best for ME?

By understanding Your market potential and the

SEO Basics of a domain name,  

the selection process of a domain name will become

easier for you.

You will have a distinct advantage over another

who selects a domain mainly for price versus quality.

But don’t confuse branding names with quality or price or undervalue the direct keyword search terms which is the key to the industry as well.

Let’s look at types of domains and how they work and will serve You Best!

By having “The Golden Keywords” in the URL is a proven and distinct advantage

in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The Golden Keywords are the words people are using to search for information.

Like Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Bong, CBD, Strain, Canna, Terp, 420, 710

Cannabliss Domains escrow

With our Affiliate Club, We include a magical secret weapon for you to discover real time search questions people are asking!!!

So then, you simply plug in and post relevant content to answer these questions and recommend products and drive huge traffic to you or create any site type!

Of course,


gives you instant authority

and the Search Engines love You too.

Many of you will combine two  or three domains and here’s why!

Let’s take the name and and 

and compare it to

These are all monster names when your focus is on

Cannabis Coupons.

In this case you have both clubs that people want to be in or a brandable name.

Cannabliss Domains Brand names

Another EXAMPLE: redirects to the brand you are building:

Etched bongs would be the direct search typed into the browser which puts you to the top of the search  for etched bongs. Then, your topic line intrigues them and when someone  clicks it, they are redirected to your Brand: or  

What? The first thing is to select your favorite Premium Cannabis Domain name or names.

This is your chance to get up to 3 domains in one low price and develop 3.  

You could earn up to three times the income by diversifying or crushing your niche.

Simply decide


Find your domain or domains,

make it financially comfortable for you

and just do it.



NOW, why is dot com important.

Dot Com is the Ranking King and

is the Number 1 TLD (Top Level Domain)

and is critical to marketing and brand success.

The major differences are the .ORG which

has an “Air of Respect” when used with organizations, such as insurance in the cannabis industry. 

Another difference is the .club TLD

in the Cannabis Industry, as well as the music and other large industries with niche followers.

The .club has a significant advantage

when developing a group or organization

of which people will come together

to communicate in.  

Now Let’s Look at another significant reason your

domain name matters.

Until Cannabis is legalized federally, the powers that be:

Google and Facebook ads

do Not allow Cannabis related advertising.


Organic SEO Plus Your Name and Brand recognition ranks you instantly and You Receive ALL of the direct traffic from the organic search.  

PLUS, with The Free Affiliate Club Membership 

we include the

TRICKS and TECHNIQUES Guide to show you how to implement all of this virtually instantly.

Get Your site up and running ASAP

Making your brand name or domain recognized

and making  money from affiliate revenues is our priority for You.

All of our Lease To Own Plans are either monthly, quarterly, semi-annual 

or annual term payments.

until You Own it Outright! Then it’s Yours.

You Have Full Control to Build An EMPIRE

and Own it!

So You Want to Be a CannaPreneur?   

What are You Waiting For!!

Go Right Now and Find Your Domain name(s) to Build your empire with!

In addition to Domain Names , we offer premium Toll Free Vanity Numbers which may be combined with a domain name for the ultimate Canna venture!


(844) 420 – 7 1 0 0            (844) 420 – ROCKS  (7625)

(844) 710 – FLOWERS (3569)     (877) 420 – BOUQUETS   (2687)


Domains in Alphabetical Order (over 600)


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